The intention of Fidalgas de Santar Gourmet is to show and safeguard the best that the region had, since jams, honey, olive oil, passing through the way of the famous Serra da Estrela cheese and especially the Dão Wine. All our products are unique, reflecting the emotions and keep alive the traditions of a region with history.


Fidalgas de Santar was founded in 2011, starting forthwith our strategy is directed towards the national market, aims to highlight in the European market. Being the wine market highly competitive, our wine stands out for its unique personality and the quality of our wines is recognized in specialty competitions at national and international levels.

Fidalgas de Santar plans to continue the tradition scheduled by the history and stimulate the flavors of the region, contributing to the development of the local economy.


Fidalgas de Santar has as mission to provide excellence to their clients and offer a diversity of products, keeping and continuing the tradition and history, producing unique wines with passion which gives dignity to the region.


Be a benchmark of excellence in products, inspired by traditional techniques, with the ultimate goal of creating value for the customer.


We develop excellent products which meet the wishes of our customers and provide unique moments in a comfortable environment that prestige the region.

Fidalgas de Santar is dedicated to the production and marketing of wines and regional products, although young, your whole process is based on traditional techniques and know-how in order to emphasized the acuity wine custom of the region, alloyed with an innovative concept and enhancer growth and the development of Santar Dignity and honor the region and contribute to economic development is one of the objectives of Fidalgas de Santar.