History of Santar

The legend says, and, be aware, it’s only a legend, that "passed a king with his army, coming victorious from a battle, had set skipper to rest (...) getting these lands to be known by the name where the king set skipper, later ‘to set’ currently Santar."

Santar is a very ancient village. Is referred in documents older than the foundation of Portugal, Santar do not need legends to affirm their origin. Its foundation gets lost, as most cities and ancient lands of Portugal, in the endless history. The documents that can attest to their origin will drying up as it dives into centuries of existence on this earth, revealing to men the evidence of their littleness. Source: http://clientes.netvisao.pt/armcarv/informacoes/origem.htm

Santar is one of the most emblematic parishes of the municipality of Nelas, in particular, by the demographic balance that presents, well as, for its architectural legacy of high quality and economic dynamics that have been developing.
Source: http://www.santar.pt.vu/