Fidalgas de Santar located in the heart of Santar, belonging to Dão Demarcated Region, established in 1908, in the province of Beira Alta. This region is characterized by a rugged topography, with about 20 hectares of vineyard in approximately 376 000 hectares of land.

In Portugal, the legal concept of demarcated region was due to the Marquis of Pombal, with the creation of delimitating winegrowing region, in the eighteenth century in Portugal. The demarcated region is a zone tillage watertight, covered by a special legislation for the protection and promotion of distinctive wine production in the region. The Portuguese wine regions and producers of many other products established the Registered Designation of Origin, after the entry of Portugal into European Community in 1986. Registered Designation of Origin replaces the previous "Demarcated Region" that prevailed since the early twentieth century. It was in September 18 of 1908, who are legally established the Dão Demarcated Region, becoming the first region of not liqueur wines to be demarcated and regulated in our country.

The Dão Region was instantly known for producing table wines, with very peculiar characteristics considered to be noble, elegant and unmistakable bouquet wines.

We can find granitic soils in the north and center and schist soils to south, which provides a climate with conditions constrained by Serras da Estrela, Caramulo, Lousão, Buçaco, Nave and Açor, that allows the vineyard to be protected from the sea winds, which allows a warm and dry climate in summer and in winter a cold and rainy weather.